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Your Donations at Work

The Purple Butterfly of Hope Foundation

Thank you to all that have helped so far!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of so many we have been able to raise over $300,000.00 so far. We strive to grow this Foundation and its reach throughout the coming years. This would not be possible without your help, so from our family to yours, thank you. Our mission continues to be to support programs and facilities as well as helping as many children and families in the community, all in the name and spirit of our beautiful Sydney.


Greg and Sue Wood made the courageous decision in the face of unimaginable tragedy to give the gift of life to others. Sydney became an organ donor and so continues Sydney’s legacy of a giving and generous nature. That has enabled many people to continue with their lives giving hope where there had been very little.


In honor of Sydney, we encourage you to go online at and ensure that you are a registered donor. Have the conversation with your family so that they are knowledgable of your wish to be a donor and in doing so you can save lives.

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